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Hello Rocklin Soccer Families,


The Rocklin Youth Soccer Club has officially entered into a Partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance.  We will be providing several workshops over the year for both Coaches and Parents. 

 The three workshop types that we have chosen for this year are Leading Your Organization, Second Goal Parent, and two Double-Goal Coach workshops:Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons and Culture, Practices, and Games.

We are excited about this partnership and look forward to the positive impact this will have on our club.

Find out more about Positive Coaching Alliance at





  • Fall '16
      • U 6 Boys ROCK
      • U 6 Girls ROCK
      • U 7 Boys Rock
      • U 7 Girls Rock
      • U 8 Boys ROCK
      • U 8 Girls ROCK
      • U 9 Boys PYSL
      • U 9 Girls PYSL
      • U10 Boys PYSL
      • U10 Girls PYSL
      • U11 Boys PYSL
      • U11 Girls PYSL
      • U12 Boys PYSL
      • U12 Girls PYSL
      • U13 Boys PYSL
      • U13 Girls PYSL
      • U14 Boys PYSL
      • U14 Girls PYSL


2016 Player Information

If you are looking for the email address of a particular RYSC Board Member, please click here for our RYSC Informational page. From there you can select organization info and all the email addresses for the RYSC Board Members, along with the specific job they do for RYSC are listed.

Thank you!

--Rocklin Youth Soccer Club

High School Seniors may apply for the RYSC Educational Scholarship Application by Clicking Here

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