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Opening Ceremonies Raffle prize and Banner contest winners

First off, Thank you to all who came to our opening Ceremonies on Saturday September 12!  We appreciate all of our Rocklin Soccer families and we hope you enjoyed yourself at our annual event!  Below are the winners for the Raffle prizes as well as our Banner contest.




1st place $175 visa card— Alien Sharks

2nd place $150 visa card- Kickin Cuties

3rd place $125 visa card- Cannonballs



2-Vinnebago Canteens - $40 value- Melissa Harris and Rob Warner

Beauty Basket from Halo Salon -$120 value- Anna Demsky

Sno & Company $225 value princess party - Jonathan Ortiz

Sac Republic Soccer ball signed by Rodrigo Lopez #8-Joy Orpia

2-League Prints - $89 free team banners- Mary Pieroni and Ana Jimenez

2-Jersey’s Haircuts and Brews $40 value- Devera Brown and Guadalope Gotigrrez

Arena Softball Party - $175 value party - Candice Utugh

2- Mini IPads-from RYSC - Cecilia Kulak and Sandy Cason

Mrs. Jewerly soccer Bracelet- Jacelyn Yeh

$2000 Disney Dollars - from RYSC- Huska




Debbie Chavarria Patterson was truly an inspiration as a friend and coach for many Rocklin girls, boys and families over the years. They learned a lot about selflessness and bravery from not only her but her family. She was a positive role model to every child that stepped on to the field and called her coach. She found the best in everyone and made them all feel important. She dedicated many years to the Rocklin soccer board and families and always went above and beyond behind the scenes. She will be truly missed by all in our community. Rest in peace Debbie. (LNK)

For those wishing to help the Patterson family, please see this Weebly site - Debbie will also be remembered during the Rocklin Youth Soccer Club opening ceremonies held tomorrow night at Azevedo Park. All are welcome to attend and remember this amazing woman.

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Thank you!

--Rocklin Youth Soccer Club

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