At Rocklin F.C, we pride ourselves on developing individual player skills while also putting a major emphasis on the development of teams. It is important to our organization that our players learn to function as an important part of a team. We feel that this philosophy will help make our players successful on the soccer field and beyond. Please check out some of our program highlights by clicking the following link: 2015U12-U14compflyer

Bart Paduveris, President, Rocklin Youth Soccer Club (Rocklin F.C.)

It is already time to start plans for our 2015/16 Competitive program. We are now accepting applications for our 2015/16 season for U15-U19 boys and girls teams. We currently have 31 competitive teams in Rocklin this year, and we are always in need of quality coaches to help continue to grow and improve our Competitive program (Rocklin F.C.).   If you are interested, please click here and complete the application page.   We will be accepting applications for U15-U19 coaches until Friday, April 3, 2015 or until they are filled. Tryouts for these age groups occur in mid May of 2015.

If you are looking for the email address of a particular RYSC Board Member, please click here for our RYSC Informational page. From there you can select organization info and all the email addresses for the RYSC Board Members, along with the specific job they do for RYSC are listed.

Thank you!

--Rocklin Youth Soccer Club




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