Coach Education - 2016

The following clinics are mandatory for the level of head-coaching desired and are free to all RYSC coaches. If you cannot attend the RYSC clinic dates, you can attend other PYSL clinics that are hosted by Granite Bay, Lincoln, Loomis, and Roseville clubs for free.  Please visit the respective club websites links below for their upcoming clinics to sign up to their clinics if you cannot attend your RYSC Clinics. 

Other Local PYSL Leagues 
Granite Bay:

Please email the Coach Education Coordinator, Vince Mendoza, if you are interested in one of the courses.  Please provide your name, contact information including email and phone, and which course you are interested in.  You will receive a response regarding your acceptance into the course since space is limited on each of these courses.

F License – First Level …

An “F” license is required for all recreational Head Coaches and recommended for Assistant Coaches.  The clinic consists of a class session and a field session.  This course focuses on how to instruct the technical aspect of soccer, how to keep players motivated, plan your practices and more.  Minimum age is 16 years.

The “F” license is now a 2 hour online course.  If you are interested in taking the “F” license online, please send a request to the Coach Education Coordinator to register for the course and to get course logistics.

RYSC will also offer a USSF “F” Field Component that will be necessary to receive your “F” license.  The dates for this course is as follows…


Information on this course can be found at…

USSF E Coaching Course – Second Level …

An “E” license is required for all Comp Coaches and recommended for any Rec-Level Coach looking to improve coaching skills and knowledge.  This is an 18-hour course consisting of a class session and two field sessions focusing on long term athlete development, building training sessions, principals of attacking and defending, techniques on small sided games to get the results you want.  The “F” license is a prerequisite.  Completion of the referee clinic is also highly recommended.

Information on this course can be found at …

RYSC will be offering 1 USSF “E” coaching courses in 2016…
April 22, 2016 – April 24, 2016 (Class FULL) – register at …

Cal North “Goalkeeper” Course

The Goalkeeper course is a supplemental class for all RYSC Coaches with a class and field session focusing on how to train players to set their footwork, be in ready form to dive, and goal shot-stopping.  Additional information of this class can be found at …

RYSC will be offering the Goalkeeper course on the following date…

State Youth Module I (U6 & U8)

This course is for the U6 & U8 age group coaches.  It is an introductory course for coaches of players in these ages’ groups, talk about running a team, and soccer injuries.  Additional information can be found at…

RYSC will be offering this course on the following date…

State Youth Module II (U10 & U12)

This course is for coaches coaching the U10–U12 ages groups.  It will not only touch on coaching players of these age groups, but will also go through rule changes of the game in relation to the U6-U8 ages groups.  Additional information on this course can be found at…

RYSC will be offering this course on the following date…
Clinics Dates 
You can choose to attend any of the following 2016 dates. The dates are tentative until the clinic schedule is approved by District 6. The location of the clinics not yet determined, to be announced.  Please look to for up to date information on coaching courses.







F Field Component

Jul 23

Aug 13


Jun 11

Aug 6

Aug 20

May 7

Jun 18

Jul 30

Jul 9

May 21

USSF E License

Apr 22-24


May 20

Jul 22

Jun 3



Jun 25


State Youth Module I


Jul 16

Aug 13

State Youth Module II


Jul 17




Aug 13