Coaches Training Program

RYSC 2016 Fair Play Policy

2016 Rec Coaches Meetings
Monday, July 11th - PCA Meeting for Coaches (strongly encouraged and those who attend will receive priority numbers for practice field and time)  6 pm - 8pm  Location: Rocklin Event Center, 2650 Sunset Boulevard  
Monday July 18th - Dual Coach Meeting (time will be emailed to the dual coaches) RYSC Office 1140 Sunset Blvd Suite 144  
Monday July 18th - U15 and Up Coach Meeting:  7:30pm - 9pm  Location: RYSC Office, 1140 Sunset Blvd Suite 144  
Tuesday July 19th - U9 - U14 Coach Meeting:  6:00pm - 8pm  Location: Rocklin Event Center, 2650 Sunset Boulevard  
Wednesday July 20 - U6 - U8 Coach Meeting:  6:00pm - 8pm Location: Rocklin Event Center, 2650 Sunset Boulevard  


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Post to Post:  Goalkeeper Training: 432-3013

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