CCSL Referee Send-Off Reports

The Send-off procedures for CCSL Fall 2013 have changed. The Center Referee will retain a copy of the Game Card, but does not take the player pass of a player sent off or a coach that is dismissed.

The report will be based on the information on the game card, making it essential that the game card is correctly filled out before the game.  The report will be done online using the
GotSoccer Send-off Report System

Referee Send-Off Procedures

Please enter your Send-Off Report online as soon as possible and within 24 HOURS of the match. You should contact the referee assignor in the League that the send-off was given and report the incident.

1.      Check in teams with CCSL game card make sure you have name, jersey number and Cal  North ID number for all players and team officials.  Ensure you have a pass for all adults in the technical area.
2.      If there is a sendoff in the match, note on the game card the time, offense  and player information.
3.      Enter game scores and get coaches and Referee crew signatures on all game cards.  Keep one signed game card.  Give each team a signed match card.  Add referee crew email addresses to your match card
4.      Check the sent-off player or adult information on the game card against the passes.  Return all passes to the team when you have confirmed the game card is correct. DO NOT KEEP THE PASS OF THE SENT OFF PERSON
5.      Go to GotSoccer Send-off Report System at
6.      Under Referee & Assignors, click Login
7.      Under Referee Scoring & Game Report Access enter CCSL Event ID #, Event PIN # (click Go).
8.      On the next page  enter Game # (click Go)
9.      Click In the box next to the red R,
10.     Select player from team roster drop down menu, select violation from drop down menu.  Click ADD for each player entered
a.       If the player was not listed on the match card (ie a guest player), select Other and enter the player name, number and Cal North ID in the ‘other’ box
11.     Click on Submit Game Report button
12.     Enter Referee crew information including email address
13.     Complete the Game Details section clearly describing the send off in the Game Incidents section
14.     Click Submit report

Game Incident Reports

If your game is abandoned, terminated early or you have any other incident that should be reported to your CCSL Referee Administrator, Please log in to the system as above and submit the details on the Game Report.