About Us

Rocklin Youth Soccer Club is a non-profit, volunteer based organization that supports over 3,500 youth playing members in the City of Rocklin and surrounding communities. We take great pride in the accomplishments of our youth and wish them the very best in their efforts as they represent our Club.


The purpose of the RYSC is to provide the youth of Rocklin an opportunity to play at the Recreational (Division IV) or Competitive (Division I) levels and to further develop their appreciation and skills of the game. RYSC shall develop and administer the game of soccer for our youth within our boundaries.

The "Purpose Statement of this Club" is as follows:

Children playing soccer is the most important goal of this Club. Fulfillment of this goal is to be brought about by setting an atmosphere of friendly competition in which sportsmanship, learning, and playing soccer are held foremost. Anything that detracts from this atmosphere should be strongly discouraged. The Bylaws are the instrument to build and maintain a soccer environment in which children may learn and play. The Club further recognizes that any service organization that involves our youth must strive to provide a positive experience and role model for each player. Additionally, Rocklin Youth Soccer Club will provide an atmosphere to improve player skills, emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship and to have fun playing soccer. RYSC shall provide the tools necessary for its coaches to develop and continue soccer teaching skills via CYSA or other approved coaching clinics. The RYSC will promote family participation in soccer as spectators and team and Club >volunteers. All players, parents, and coaches are required to sign and are thus responsible for adhering to the "Fair Play Policy".

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