Rocklin FC Competitive Playing Up Guidelines 01/14/2016



This year U.S. Soccer, U.S. Club Soccer, and NorCal Soccer have made changes to the age matrix, so that teams will be formed by birth year instead of school year. These changes went into effect during the 2016-2017 soccer season and are still in effect.

One result of these changes will be the shuffling of players from one team to another. As a club, we understand that this may break up successful teams that have been together for a long period of time. In addition, some long standing coaches may also be displaced by the changes. Due to these mandates, our club would like to institute these changes this year with fidelity and integrity. As a result, our club has established specific guidelines for players interested in trying out for an older age group (playing up).

Younger players interested in playing up should be considered in the top five players of the Navy (A) team they are trying out for. In addition, a player may not play up in age group for a White (B) team. One exception would be for the child of a head coach who filled a vacant coaching position. The other exception would be in the case of multi-aged White team. If there’s not enough players to form a White team in a given age group, these players may be considered for an older White team.

During the tryout process, the coaching staff and evaluators will rigorously evaluate any players interested in playing up for their ability to do so. It’s our expectation as a club that Navy teams will be as age pure as possible.  However, our U8-U11 teams will be allowed to carry 1-2 younger aged players. U12 teams and above will be allowed to carry 1-3 younger aged players.

Rocklin FC highly recommends that all players tryout in their own age group even if they are trying out for an older age group. After the first night or day of tryouts, the Rocklin FC staff of evaluators should be able to determine if a player fits the stated criteria.

Additionally, a player may consider the offer of multiple aged Rocklin FC teams. However, once a player accepts an offer from a Rocklin FC team, they are no longer eligible to tryout in an older age group. As an example, a U11 player accepting an offer in the January tryouts may not try out for a U12 team in February. The same goes for a U13 player accepting an offer in February. That player may not tryout for a U14 team in May.

Rocklin FC understands this policy does not fit every player, family, or coach. However, it is in the best interest of the club and all teams as a collective group. In general, strict guidelines for playing up are also in the best interest of players. A year makes a big difference in the physical and the emotional growth of a child. For the most part, playing age pure provides the best opportunity for the success and development of the individual player.